Laura J Wilde

BSc (Hons), MSc, MBPsS, AFHEA

I am a second year PhD research student in the Centre for Innovative Research Across the Life Course at Coventry University. I have a background in psychology and health. My research interests include health, chronic illness, behaviour change, physical activity and technology.

I also do a little bit of teaching at Coventry University, present my research at various conferences and write a blog to share my experiences of my PhD research and development as an academic.

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University of Southampton Graduation

My PhD Research

My current research is investigating the use of mobile phone applications and wearable devices for monitoring physical activity and/or sedentary behaviour.

I have started with a qualitative systematic review exploring the barriers and facilitators of using apps and wearables to monitor physical activity and sedentary behaviour. The protocol has been published in Digital Health and registered on PROSPERO. Data analysis is expected to be finished in the fall of 2018. Preliminary findings have been presented at various conferences.

The next phase of my PhD will focus on the experiences of people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in using apps and wearables to monitor physical activity and sedentary behaviour. I have begun interviews with participants.


2017 - Present
PhD in Technology Enabled Health Research, Coventry University
Mobile phone apps and wearables to support lifestyle and health: How to sustain their continued use?
Supervised by Prof. Petra Wark, Prof. Gill Ward, Dr Louise Sewell and Dr Carol Percy

2014 - 2015
MSc Health Psychology, University of Southampton
Dissertation title: Combined cognitive biases: Patterns of attention, interpretation and memory bias in individuals with chronic headache.
Supervised by Dr Daniel Schoth

University of Winchester Graduation
University of Winchester Graduation

BSc (Hons.) Psychology, University of Winchester
Dissertation title: Definitions of having ‘had sex’ and ‘virginity loss’ and the Big Five personality traits: Questionnaire and focus group.
Mixed-methods study investigating how participants defined having ‘had sex’ and ‘virginity loss’ involving an online survey (quantitative) and focus groups (qualitative).
Supervised by Dr David Giles

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