10 Reasons Why Twitter is Useful in Academia

As a huge lover of Twitter and the benefits of using Twitter in academia. I decided to share some of my thoughts on why I love it so much!

Academic Twitter and Scholarly Chatter

I was apprehensive about Twitter at first. What if I tweet the wrong thing or if someone doesn’t like my tweets? But I took it slowly, saw what other people tweeted about and was careful about what I tweeted – making sure it is relevant to me. To learn a bit more about twitter I followed the 10 days of twitter #CU10DoT blog by Coventry University’s Dr Heather Sears which was super useful for the basics of Twitter and some do’s and don’ts and getting my head around hashtags and handles.

Since I have learnt more about Twitter and gotten the hang of it I have found it extremely useful. Especially for:

  1. When I am at conferences to see who else is there and what they do without trying to talk to every single person at the conference.
  2. Finding out about conferences and events to attend.
  3. Following conferences and events that I haven’t been able to attend.
  4. Finding out about other people’s work.
  5. Sharing my own work accomplishments and achievements. No matter how small, its great to share it with other people.
  6. Sharing my PhD journey with others.
  7. It’s great to talk to experts in my area outside of regular professional networks.
  8. Share other people’s work, things that I find interesting and that my followers might find interesting.
  9. Keep up to date with new work on digital health especially as new products are released and advancements in technology, as well as new research in the area.
  10. Learning to express ideas concisely, especially when it comes to sharing papers and key findings.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with not being on Twitter and you can get by perfectly fine without having it, but there are many positives.

I am not on Twitter all the time – I promise! I have a quick browse once or twice a day for a few minutes. It’s important to not let it distract me from my work, but it also serves as a great break. Twitter is a valuable tool and useful resource for me and my work.

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