Writing Retreat at Gladstone’s Library

I had a wonderful weekend working at Gladstone’s Library. With my two friends (also colleagues) we ventured over to Wales for some reading and writing.

Gladstone’s Library

Gladstone’s Library is the only residential library in the UK. Situated in North Wales, it is the only place you can sleep amongst the books. Staying in their perfect rooms comes with breakfast in the morning in their Food for Thought cafe. Also, the cafe serves lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (with a wonderful range of vegetarian options) so, all you needed to think about is reading and writing.


Perfect reading and writing space

This is the second time we have staying in the library, the first was in April this year where we truly fell in love with the whole experience. The library has an immediately calming and tranquil effect upon opening the door. The library’s unique setting is perfect to get away from the hectic daily routines and chaos. It is the perfect place to get some peace and tranquillity where you feel it is just too amazing to not enjoy working.

Writing retreat

I initially planned on writing a first draft of my systematic review paper, instead I used the time to progress with the analysis. Surprisingly, I was really able to get close with my data understanding the overall picture and direction. Maybe being in a different place helped to see the data in a different light. During the retreat I felt extremely motivated and enthusiastic about my research and keen to crack on with it. I hope to have another retreat once I have finished my analysis to write the paper and get my review submitted for publication. I am very excited to share the results of my review very soon – watch this space!

Overall, we all had a wonderfully productive weekend reading, writing and catching up. Huge thank you my friends for joining me and organising the trip and to Gladstone’s Library for this amazing venue and opportunity to enjoy it!


Thank you for reading, you can find out more about the library on the Gladstone’s library website.

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